EL ambient light

When we introduced the EL ambient lighting in 2014 as the first for the German market, we could hardly have imagined the trend we would trigger.

The EL technology is based on electroluminescence and not, as many still mistakenly believe, on LED technology. This technology enables a 100% homogeneous, i.e., consistent light, across the entire length of the light strip.

However, an inverter (a transformer that also inverts the voltage) is required for each EL ambient lighting and is connected in front of the light strip. It is not dimmable and will be damaged if operated with voltages outside the approved range.

We are pleased that as the only quality provider, we use our own inverters, which eliminates the well-known high-frequency buzzing. Our EL ambient lighting is silent by default.

You can order the EL ambient lighting in various colors, which also correspond to these colors when switched off. Strips are available in lengths of 1, 2, and 3 meters.