Ambient lightning - For a special vibe in your car

Whether for Audi, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Opel, Porsche, Volkswagen or as a universal solution, with our ambient lighting, you can create the perfect atmosphere in your vehicle interior at any time, just like you know it from new car models.

Use our products to make your car more modern, personalize it and showcase it in the right light.

Create an atmosphere in your car. Missing some ambiance in your interior? Then you have a choice between our EL ambient lighting and our Ambitrim LED ambient lighting. With both systems, you can customize your interior to your liking.

What is ambient lighting?

Ambient lighting is a special interior lighting for your car. With a beautiful accent color or, with Ambitrim, even RGB lighting, you can illuminate your interior in different colors. This not only creates a nicer atmosphere, but it's also useful! With ambient lighting, you have indirect lighting in your vehicle's interior at night. With our wide selection, you can have all of this in your favorite color.

Ambient lighting in the colors of your choice

With a single color in the EL ambient lighting or a single and multi-color option in the Ambitrim LED ambient lighting, you can bring any color and mood to your interior that you want.

For both systems' single-color versions, you control the on and off function via the power supply. For the multi-color RGB Ambitrim LED ambient lighting, you can choose to control it either through an iOS and Android app or with a remote control. Both options are possible at the same time.

Retrofit ambient lighting: A feeling like in a new car

Ambient lighting that creates a beautiful atmosphere is usually only found in new vehicles. However, with our EL ambient lighting and Ambitrim LED ambient lighting, you can bring the same feeling to your car. Whether you have a new car where the option was too expensive or an older used car that didn't have this option, you can retrofit ambient lighting with us starting from €12.50.

Create a pleasant atmosphere for yourself and your passengers.

Approved according to road traffic regulations

Our ambient lighting is approved for the interior according to road traffic regulations, so there are no legal issues. There are also no error messages if everything is connected correctly.

A prerequisite is an understanding of electrical work and a decent power source. If you have no experience with electrical work, ask someone for help.
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