ambitrim® LED ambient light

The ambitrim®️ LED ambient lighting is based on a combination of a fiber optic light guide and an LED light source. It can illuminate in either a single color or multi-color (RGB), and can be controlled using a remote control and/or an app on your smartphone.

The light guide itself typically consists of two parts: the actual glass fiber light guide and a PVC sheath. Unlike other providers, both parts of our light guide are permanently pressed together (not glued).

This has the advantage of eliminating the tedious and error-prone process of inserting the light guide core into the sheath, and allows us to use a thicker core. The larger the diameter of the core, the better the conductivity of the light guide, resulting in brighter and more uniform light.

Our light guides are available in lengths ranging from 1 to 10 meters. With the RGB variant, you also have the option to connect/expand a matching footwell lighting (also RGB).

The ambitrim®️ LED family is constantly growing, so we can offer you more and more possibilities for customization.

Two of our other developments are currently the ambitrim®️ LED Eagle Eye and the ambitrim®️ LED Halo.

The ambitrim®️ LED Eagle Eye is a small, screwable LED light source that offers you countless possibilities. Whether for illuminating the ventilation vents, drink holders, as footwell lighting, compartment lighting, door handle lighting, or for illuminating the speakers, there are no limits to your imagination.

The ambitrim®️ LED Halo was specifically developed for BMW drivers of the E6X and E9X series who want to retrofit lighting for their iDrive controller. "Here we go," here it is.