ambitrim® led starry sky

Sterns in the roof lining like in a Rolls-Royce? No problem. With our ambitrim® starry sky products, we offer you the opportunity to bring the stars into your car! Sparkling stars and shooting stars are naturally included, so with our products, you have the option to integrate individual sparkling stars and/or shooting stars into the roof lining. In addition to a different number of static stars, we even have different quantities for shooting stars and sparkling stars. As unique as you and your memory of the perfect starry night! Bring the right atmosphere into your car and create your individual starry sky with our products.

Do you need a few ideas from our creative customers that are definitely not off the shelf? Your zodiac sign on the roof lining, the logo of your favorite club, the logo of your vehicle manufacturer, the constellations of the real starry sky—all of these have already been implemented with our products.