Nothing feels better than a fresh, newly covered steering wheel. The feeling you get every time you get in, a piece of a new car in your hands!

Is your steering wheel worn out, damaged, or do you simply want to make a change to make it more individual? No problem. We're here to help:

Whether it's a 12 o'clock marking, seams in your desired color, Alcantara®, carbon, forged carbon, genuine perforated and smooth leather, thumb rests, padding, a sporty shape, or a flattened steering wheel, almost anything is possible with us! Missing something? Then get in touch with us, we're sure we can help.

Simply open our steering wheel configurator below and create your desired steering wheel in no time. Then upload a picture of your current steering wheel, tick whether you have paddle shifters, enter your car model and we'll get started. You have a choice between 2 processing methods: 
With method A) we use a steering wheel from our inventory and customize it according to your wishes, send it to you, and then you send us back your old steering wheel. 
With method B) you send us your steering wheel and we re-cover exactly your steering wheel, just as you wish.
With A) you don't have to be without your car, but with B) you do.

If you're wondering what to choose from the various options, here are some tips for you:

  1. There is a corresponding image for each option. It's best to first click through all the pictures in the steering wheel configurator. There, all the different options are marked in orange.
  2. Genuine leather or perhaps Alcantara® or directly carbon/forged carbon? Well, that depends entirely on your taste and also your budget. A "simple" re-covering with genuine leather starts with us at 130€ and goes up to about 1000€ for a carbon steering wheel, depending on the chosen options. Regarding durability, the following can be said: Carbon --> Leather --> Alcantara®. A carbon steering wheel wears very little, of course. As long as no hard objects hit the carbon, it lasts virtually forever. Then comes genuine leather. Leather is a durable material. A natural product that lasts a long time with proper care. In particular, you should protect genuine leather from drying out, as then it becomes more susceptible to cracks and scratches. You can find the appropriate care products from us from the brand sudworx®. Now let's talk about Alcantara®. As sporty and elegant as it looks, it is unfortunately also prone to wear. Especially due to the fat in our skin and the constant pressure we exert on the individual fibers, they become glued together and flattened. Here, cleaning these fibers from, for example, fat is particularly important so that you can enjoy the Alcantara® for as long as possible. Here too, there are appropriate cleaners from the brand sudworx® in our shop: https://individualiseyourcar.com/de/pflegemittel/reinigung/ .
  3. We always remove the old material, unless you discuss something else with us. Therefore, it doesn't matter if you have a scratch/burn hole or similar on the leather of your steering wheel.

Need some inspiration for what something might look like? 
You can find examples of some finished steering wheels here:
Story Highlight Instagram 01
and here:
Story Highlight Instagram 02

Steeringwheel upholstery

Express delivery for order processing A and B for steering wheel customization
50,00 EUR
incl. 19% tax excl. Shipping costs