LED interior lighting - Let your car shine in a new light

Are you bored of the old yellow light in your car's interior? Do you want to make your car more modern? Do you want cool, cold-white, slightly bluish light, elegant pure white light, or slightly yellow warm light in LED technology for your car's interior?

Then use our LED interior lighting SETS for Audi, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, MINI, Porsche, Opel, Volkswagen, or contact us if you can't find your car brand and model. You can choose between the colors Cool-White, Pure-White, and Warm-White.

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Let your car shine in a new light

Let's be honest, the yellow "old" light in your vehicle's interior looks a bit "old," doesn't it? Why are light bulbs even installed in new vehicles? So that you finally choose the expensive option for LED interior lighting in your new car. Whether you're driving an older model where LEDs weren't available or the checkmark for the LED interior lighting was too expensive for you, we have the solution for you.

With our LED interior sets, you'll get the perfect complete set for your car's interior.

From cool to warm white - according to your wishes

You have a choice of three color temperatures for our LED interior lighting sets: cool white, pure white, and warm white. According to your taste, you can make your car look years younger. To ensure that you know which light bulb goes in which position in your interior, we package the bulbs for each position separately and label them.

LED interior lighting sets: quick and easy to install

Simply replace the old light bulbs in the interior with our new ones and there will be no error message in your vehicle. If you ever want to change cars and remove the LED interior sets, that's no problem either. Just take out our light bulbs and put the old light bulbs back in, and everything will be back to the "old" look.