indivitara® Stitch

To be honest: What is the best possible interior for a car? Definitely one made from a saddler with real seams, right?! Only real seams give you this special feeling in your interior.
This is why we developed the worlds first self-adhesive microfiber suede with real seams. We proudly present you our indivitara® Stitch.
We combined our popular indivitara® with reals seams and stitches. Countless attempts with different seam designs, yarn counts and more than a thousand yarn colors result in the maximum individualization you can get matching your taste. You like pink, blue, red, yellow, white, grey, dark green, neon green, neon yellow, light blue, dark blue, purple and many more yarn colors. Here we go: Take what you like and individualize your car's interior to the max with our worlds innovation indivitara® Stitch. Right now you can get the following seam designs: Honeycomb, Diamond and Stripe.
This is our indivitara® Stitch!

indivitara® Premium Stitch - Seam Colors Thread
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indivitara® premium (Design, Stich, Art, Foam) - leftover piece for testing
5,00 EUR
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